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Yoast’s SEO for WordPress Sites

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Stuck on how to keep your site SEO-friendly?

Feeling like SEO is a seriously bad three-letter word (or acronym)?

Yoast’s SEO plugin is an easy way for anyone to work on getting their site a bit more search engine friendly, especially for anyone who’s not quite ready to get into deep SEO tactics. (Sound like anyone you know?)

Many entrepreneurs simply don’t need a full SEO workup, especially if they’re offering services to a niche group of potential clients. As in, you’ve already determined that your services aren’t for everyone and are instead for a select few. If that sounds like your business, I’d suggest starting your SEO journey with this free plugin.


What’ll it help you do for SEO?

Here’s a quick list of what Yoast SEO will help you do with your pages and posts. The plugin includes a greenlight-redlight graphic to show when the page is set up well for search engines.

  • Guide you on how to create snippets for your pages and posts
  • Give you tips on how to be sure that you’re including your keywords in your copy as well as in your snippets
  • Give you tips on how to vary your sentence length for optimal reading
  • Remind you to use subheadings or to use more subheadings in your writing
  • Show you how your posts and pages will look when you share them on social media

Yoast SEO is just one of the many free plugins that I suggest for my clients. There’s a premium version of this one, like many, but you’re likely to not need premium features for a while (if ever).

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I’d love to hear if this tip helps you improve your site! Email me at or catch me on Facebook and Instagram.

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