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Learn exactly what you need to create the copy that pulls in ideal clients for your unique business.

The Copy Guide

For small businesses and entrepreneurs in the process of writing their website copy

This is for you if you’ve tried creating your website copy for your website, yet you’re not quite sure how to make your pages truly connect with your ideal clients so they’re ready to buy from you now.

Whether you’re creating your site from scratch or editing your current copy,  The Copy Guide will show you where to start with copy that gets the attention of your ideal clients from the get-go.

Only grab this Guide if you’re ready to create the copy that builds up your business and pulls in more of your ideal clients.

Beat the Copy Overwhelm

Move copy from your to-dos to done

Your business will continue to evolve as you need to get all the things done and we all know that copy updates probably aren’t what you want to do all the time. As they fall to the bottom of the to-do list again and again, copy overwhelm may set in.

The key to moving past that overwhelm is to do periodic updates and to have a place to hold your copy updates until you’re ready to make them.

In this guide, you’ll find when to update copy and where to add new copy to your site. You’ll also learn how listening to your audience will get you the best results with your copy (and sales!), and how that copy works in the overall content of your website.

Tools of the Trade

My recommended tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs, updated as of 2023.

Here are some of the most useful tools that I’ve discovered during my years of running an online business. I only recommend tools that I actually use.

Canva: Canva is where I make all of my images at this stage of my business. It is simple to use and allows easy editing and downloading options.  I’ve been on Canva since 2015 and have used it in the free version, paid version, and teams version as a team member and while managing my own team.

Eye Dropper: this is a Chrome extension that I love as a web designer. I’ve had clients who want specific colors but they may not have the hex code necessary for me to use it on their site. This often comes from an old logo that a client needs to be translated into the design of their site, or a color that they’ve noticed from an example site and love.

Full Page Screen Capture: another Chrome extension that I love to use with my web design clients. Creating a site that matches the design in someone else’s head is a tricky business, so I create drafts for clients to view. Often, I need to send a screenshot of a site or page in progress and this tool helps me create it quickly by scrolling down the whole page.

Grammarly: I love Grammarly for on-the-go editing! From quick updates around word usage (spell check doesn’t ask you if you mean effect or affect) to when a sentence ends with a dangling participle and everything in between, Grammarly’s got your back with a free version that’s pretty impressive and a paid version to cover additional tips. Although there are the occasional glitches, overall it is a good correcting tool. 

TeuxDeux: I have been searching for a system to organize all of my to-do lists that allows me to edit on the fly from an app, view items on my computer screen when at my desk, and has a simple style. TeuxDeux covers all of that and more! I’ve been using it since late December of 2022 and it has helped me get even more organized than before as well as find peace of mind with the option to add, checkoff, and edit to-do lists on the fly from my phone. If you’re looking for a similar solution, I highly recommend that you check it out! (This is a paid product with a free trial. The link is not an affiliate link.) 

Toggl: I use this for time-tracking my projects since many, but not all, need me to keep a keen eye on how much time I’m spending on them. After using this tool for a long time, I’ve now realized how long it takes me to create a blog post or draft up a newsletter for my list. Using this info, I can more accurately schedule my tasks since I know how long each will take me. I’ve only used the free version of Toggl which continues to meet my needs as my business has grown. 

Vimeo: For recording yourself with lots of additional settings for embedding your video and restricting access if you need to, Vimeo is my go-to for creating video content that needs specific embedding details along with smooth playback. 

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