The Missing Piece

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One of the most frustrating parts of building a business is that nagging feeling that something is missing which means you can’t move forward in the business-building process. It can feel like more training, a new certification, or another software subscription will supply the answers needed to upgrade the business so it is finally ready to get clients. Sometimes that is the answer – it is difficult to build a business without any subject-matter education or software, but you can probably think of at least a few people who have created a business without either.

I’ve had that feeling, too. The feeling that I needed to learn more, add new bells and whistles to my website, or update my copy (again!) before I can start to talk about what I do and who I help. 

The hard truth is that most of the time more education or software isn’t the answer you’re searching for to fill in the missing piece of your business. 

You can learn the basics of business as you start a business. A Google search can give you answers to many questions, and what isn’t a quick search result can often be found with a little more time from the small business administration. (US-based here.) 


What is Missing, Then? 

What if the pieces you sense are missing cannot be replicated or taught to others? Specifically your unique skillset, what drives you to do your work, or your expert knowledge of your ideal clients. 

Try switching the time you’d allocate to more training, a new certification, or learning another software system to the actions of sharing and listening, filtering feedback, adjusting copy, and shifting processes to better suit your business. Or try it on a small scale by carving out an hour this week to listen to your intuition about your next steps. Whether you’re considering an adjustment to your offer details, the onboarding for new clients, or how you market your business, your intuition may speak louder than any website or training would. 

An intuition check-in is a part of how I help clients get into the details of their specific ideal clients, and you can do the same starting now. Take a few minutes to get yourself into the mindset of your ideal clients to see life from their perspective: 

  • How do they feel, think or believe at that moment? 
  • How does that impact their decision-making about resources or seeking out help? 
  • What do they need to feel, know, or do to get closer to their goal/goals? 

By taking the time to truly put yourself into their perspective you’ll see how your copy can show your deep understanding of them, leading them to the answers they need from working with you. 

Ready to take the next steps toward copy that fits you and appeals to your ideal clients? The Copy Guide is for you. 


Download The Copy Guide to Start Writing Now

This is for you if you’ve tried creating your website copy for your website, yet you’re not quite sure how to make your pages truly connect with your ideal clients so they’re ready to buy from you now.

Whether you’re creating your site from scratch or editing your current copy,  The Copy Guide will show you where to start with copy that gets the attention of your ideal clients from the get-go.

You’ll learn what details go on each page for maximum impact, how to source the specific words that work for your ideal clients, how to structure your blog so you’re keeping your prospects engaged, resulting in them getting to know, like, and trust you more (which leads to sales!), and when you have enough copy to make site updates.

Only grab this Guide if you’re ready to create the copy that builds up your business and pulls in more of your ideal clients.

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