Someone recently asked me to take a look at her site and share some feedback on how she could improve it. I was happy to do so (see my free five-minute site audits) and was a bit surprised at what I saw on her site.

What I noticed was shocking.

It wasn’t that the design was out of date. It wasn’t that her copy was blah. It wasn’t that her colors were off for her industry.

Her site was missing…her.

She has a big personality and is a lovely person with a big heart who gives to others without hesitation. Her site missed nearly all of what makes her truly unique and compared to her it was truly plain.

She is a perfect example of the clients I help who often build their businesses on their strengths and unique talents: not because they’re good salespeople, they’re at the top of their market, or because they’ve acquired the slickest tools for their services.

Sound familiar?

Let’s dive in with my top ways to highlight your unique talents, strengths, and personality on your site.

Here’s my top five list on how to do it:

  1. Get photos of you being you on that site! Yes, you’ll need to get in front of a camera (eek!) and you’ll need to do it wearing clothes you actually wear to client meetings. You’ll want to look your everyday best but there’s no need to dust off your power-suit (especially if it’s dusty).
  2. Evaluate the copy on your site to be sure it resonates with your ideal clients AND you. If your site copy sounds “blah” to you and your ideal clients, then why is it on your site?
  3. Evaluate your brand’s colors, fonts, and your logo. This can be a big one but is an important piece of your site. If you’ve been in business for a while, you likely know who you want to work with (and who you DON’T want to work with). Consider your industry, who your ideal clients are, and how you want them to feel when they visit your site. All of this can impact your colors, fonts, and logo design.
  4. Look at your site’s structure. If your site has ten pages in the main menu (navigation or top menu), then do your site visitors know where to go to get what they need? You may have too many pages in that menu or content on your site pages which would serve your ideal clients better as links within the page rather than sitting in your nav. A great example of this is when a site has five options which drop down from the services page rather than one services page with links to direct prospects to the right page.
  5. Create and maintain a blog. If you’re one of many in your industry, this is a great way to show your ideal clients that they’re in the right place since you’ll need to create content consistently and intentionally. If you’re stuck on how to get started or restarted with your blog, start with my free guide.

How will you update your site so it reflects your personality and the unique qualities that you bring to your services? If you’re stuck on how to get started, I’d love to help! I personally respond to every email I receive at

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