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I’ve heard from so many small business owners who are re-evaluating the focus of their business, the type of services they provide to their ideal clients, and how they work with their clients.

It’s a lot to consider, and the process can be overwhelming.

With this in mind, I’ll share some resources that address the questions I often hear, along with some important points in the discussion (but may be missing from it). This will be a series of posts covering marketing, website design, copy, and SEO for small businesses.

Whether you’re revisiting or revising the direction for your business, here are a few posts to get you started:

  • Your Goals: When you want to clarify precisely why you do what you do, then how to use that clarity as a measuring tool for your business decisions.
  • Baby Steps: If you’re just getting started and need to establish a business name and claim a domain, start here.
  • Take the Slow Lane: How slow marketing is the approach to building a sustainable business.
If you’re ready for concrete business-building tools so you can take action and start to see results, start here:
In my next post, I’ll share tips on how to fine-tune your website design, so it supports your business.


Download The Copy Guide to Start Writing Now

This is for you if you’ve tried creating your website copy for your website, yet you’re not quite sure how to make your pages truly connect with your ideal clients so they’re ready to buy from you now.

Whether you’re creating your site from scratch or editing your current copy,  The Copy Guide will show you where to start with copy that gets the attention of your ideal clients from the get-go.

You’ll learn what details go on each page for maximum impact, how to source the specific words that work for your ideal clients, how to structure your blog so you’re keeping your prospects engaged, resulting in them getting to know, like, and trust you more (which leads to sales!), and when you have enough copy to make site updates.

Only grab this Guide if you’re ready to create the copy that builds up your business and pulls in more of your ideal clients.

Small Business Website Copy Update Guide cover

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