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Start Here: Fresh Website Design

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Whether you’re refreshing your website or starting from scratch, you probably have questions like:

  • What platform is best for what I, and my business, need out of a website?
  • For a WordPress website, what plugins do I need so my site is secure?
  • How do I maintain my website so it continues to support my business in six months, a year, two years?
  • What am I missing that would take my website up a level (or two)?

I’ve got answers for you based on my work with small business owners to find what they truly need for their websites.

  1. Popular Platforms: Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace?
  2. WordPress Plugins: What Plugins Do You Need?
  3. Website Maintenance: Top Five Tips for Every Site
  4. Take Your Website Up a Level: What a Web Designer Sees on Your Site

And, here are some topics that are often overlooked but are important to consider for websites:

I’ll continue to share posts in this series with resources that help you create the marketing that aligns with your fresh business direction. Missed last week’s resources related to marketing? Check them out here.

In my next post, I share tips on updating your copy to streamline your sales conversations, onboard, and set realistic expectations with your ideal clients.

Download The Copy Guide to Start Writing Now

This is for you if you’ve tried creating your website copy for your website, yet you’re not quite sure how to make your pages truly connect with your ideal clients so they’re ready to buy from you now.

Whether you’re creating your site from scratch or editing your current copy,  The Copy Guide will show you where to start with copy that gets the attention of your ideal clients from the get-go.

You’ll learn what details go on each page for maximum impact, how to source the specific words that work for your ideal clients, how to structure your blog so you’re keeping your prospects engaged, resulting in them getting to know, like, and trust you more (which leads to sales!), and when you have enough copy to make site updates.

Only grab this Guide if you’re ready to create the copy that builds up your business and pulls in more of your ideal clients.

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