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Building a business from scratch takes time, focus, and persistence. It can feel like climbing a mountain of tasks without sight of the peak! 

What is often missed in this business-building process is the idea that building a business is not a one-time shot for some tasks but a continuing effort for the lifetime of the business. Creating integrated copy that actually supports your business means it will need to evolve with your business. 

For your website copy to truly work for your business it will need to be an integrated part of your business updates when you change your offers, every single time. Old copy next to your new offer won’t pull in the same results as new copy next to your new offer. 

Every time you need to change your services offered you will also want to change your Sales page copy, Home page copy, and About page copy for better continuity across your whole site. Whether your new offer is a more in-depth service for your ideal clients or a pivot to a new way to work with them, your copy across your entire site should support why you are the expert they need. 


Updating Your Offer Copy for Your New Offer

Let’s break down how this might work on an example website: 

  • Old Offer: One-on-one coaching for busy parents juggling activity schedules for two or more kids, creating a schedule that works for them
  • New Offer: One-on-one coaching for busy working-from-home moms juggling activity schedules for two or more kids, creating a schedule that works for them

This new offer is in the same area as the previous one but focuses on a narrower group than the old one with two new details. If the same copy precedes the outline of offer features, it will not illustrate how well this person can lead their ideal clients to the results they want. It will be too general, something that might apply to their ideal clients or might not. 

Many people won’t feel truly compelled to work with someone who might get them the results they feel they truly need, leading to a delay in purchasing or not purchasing at all. 

With the new copy that speaks to the new offer details, the person can speak directly to the specific needs of this narrower ideal client and get into the details of their pain points to show precisely how well they understand the situation. Then, the solutions outlined as the results of that work can be clear and descriptive which makes a solid case for purchasing the solution soon so they can get the results soon. 

With your offer copy updated to support the features of your new offer, it is easy to feel that the copy updates are done for your site but that’s not yet the case. The rest of your website exists to support your business, which is built on your offers. So, the soft sales pages on your website need to be updated to create a cohesive presentation of your expertise. 


Updating Your Soft Sales Pages

Your Home and About pages are soft sales pages for your business – both support sharing the story about why you do the work that you do and who you help. And they both do this without selling directly to your ideal clients. They both need to have updates when your offer changes.

The Home and About pages back up your expertise and showcase that you are the expert in your area. Without them, your sales page can feel separate from the rest of your business identity, leading to the same purchasing delays mentioned earlier. Often the About page is the second most visited page on a website after the Home or Offer page (depending on how the site is set up) so it must be up to date with copy that speaks to the direct experience that supports the work you do. 

For your Home page, always update the copy at the top of your Home page to highlight who you help and how so your ideal clients know they’ve arrived at the right place to get the help they need. Then, add another line or two along with an image of you in that same top area. Check out this post to learn more about how to create an inspiring Home page.

On your About page make sure that your first few paragraphs of copy acknowledge who your ideal clients are and their pain points which will lead into your experience in that area along with how you became the expert they want to work with. Check out this post for more information on how to create an About page that sells for you. 

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