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If you’re unsure how to offer your service without a website, or while you’re building your website, this post is for you.

Although I help clients build their websites I often find that clients can begin to do the work of their business before their website is live. Not only does this allow you to get in front of your ideal clients right away, but it also helps you refine the copy you use for your site. And sometimes, your business simply needs to start bringing in money to fund your website.

To dive right in, there are many, many ways to begin offering your services before your offer page is live. Below are my top three suggestions that work for most businesses getting started.


Email Your Network

It can sound intimidating to email everyone you know or have worked with but it can truly pay off to reach out to them. I always suggest doing this as a personal email and often clients push back on this option either because it feels time-consuming or because it can be scary to put your new service out there to your network.

The catch to making it successful is to frame it as a personal email to each person that shares what you’re up to and asks for the recipient’s help with spreading the news of what you do.

This email is not for:

  • Pitching or selling directly to your contacts
  • Sending in bulk without personalization
  • Asking the recipient to take multiple steps to help you
  • Asking the recipient to share your new offerings  with everyone they know

Here is how to do it successfully:

  1. Make it personal to them by starting off with a question or comment related to your relationship
  2. Outline what you do for work including who you prefer to work with as your ideal clients
  3. Ask them to do you the favor of sharing what you do with anyone who is your ideal client

Then, send each email one at a time to your network of professional and personal contacts. If it feels like a friendly update and that you’re asking them to take two minutes to share your offering with one or two contacts, that’s a simple favor they can do to help you.

Although everyone won’t take you up on sharing the message, you may be surprised how many will if you keep that action step to simply a quick favor of two minutes or less to share what you do with one or two ideal clients.


Post It

Write out the details of your offer then add them to a simple PDF in your preferred design software. I often suggest to clients who are not familiar with graphic design work since it is simple to customize templates then download as a PDF.

Add your printed PDF to local boards in your area, share it on your social channels as a link, and email it to anyone you chat with (online or in-person) about your business.


Introduce Your Business

Ever get stumped on how to introduce yourself when someone asks what you do? Create a clear “I’m a…” introduction and share it with anyone who asks. Having it simple and easy will make sharing it a no-brainer.

Take this a step further by noting how your introduction lands with people. If they’re able to think of a solid referral for you right off the bat, you’re doing well! If they think of someone who isn’t our ideal client or can’t think of anyone, then it is time to revise your introduction so it works for you and your business.

In short, there is no need to have a website before offering your services. Once you know who you want to work with as your ideal client and the work you’ll do with them, start to get the word out about the work that you do.

Did this post help you brainstorm ways to share your offer? I’d love to hear how they work for you! Reach out to me by email – I personally read and respond to each one.


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