Which businesses benefit from using Twitter?

Do you “twitter” like a bird? No? If this is your idea of what you’ll need to do in order to make Twitter work for your business, you may be in for a surprise.

Twitter can be a very useful tool for businesses, once you understand the basics.

Hashtags for Location, Industry with Local Businesses

If your business is based on a location (as opposed to a solely online business), you can benefit from Twitter by using the hashtag for your location. Are you in #NYC, #Miami, or #LA? If not, simply adding your location to your tweets can give your business a competitive edge.

Find hashtags related to your industry as well, and include them with your location as makes sense in your tweet. “#NYC #Brooklyn #Dogs” will give you a much different reach than “#NYC #Brooklyn #Dogs #Rescue”. The combinations can be where you’ll hit gold here. Try searching for what works in your market with your industry to find how you can increase your impressions, and have your message in front of a greater audience.

Twitter for Online Businesses

If you own an online business, you may already be on Twitter. If not, please consider it as one of your main sources of reaching out to potential clients as well as a means to network with others in your industry.

Here are a few tips on how to add variety to your Twitter schedule. Spread out a variety of:

  • Benefits your clients experience from working with you.
  • Anecdotes of your recent work with clients.
  • Snippets of what you tell clients to keep in mind while working with you.
  • Your tag line (or tag lines) from what you present when speaking in public.
  • How what you do is different in your market.

Keep a list of what works for your tweets and mix up how you say them, rephrasing the same message with slightly different hashtags may help you reach out to a new audience! Watch what works well, keep track of those hashtags to use them again, and then build on that.