Some business owners wouldn’t dream of conducting business without a Facebook page. Others find this a chore that isn’t worth the time (or so they think). Here, I’ll explore how I explain which businesses benefit from Facebook Pages and what use they serve for those businesses.

As with most marketing, the first item to consider when looking at a new medium with which to market to clients is: “does this help my business reach out to clients?”

Are your clients on Facebook? In particular, are your ideal clients on Facebook? For many businesses, the answer is yes. However, does hearing from your business on Facebook make sense to your clients? This is where you may not be as quick so answer “yes”.

Business Type and Facebook

Let’s dig deeper here. If your business serves customers (B2C) rather than business (B2B), then Facebook is most likely where you’ll find your conversations happening around your customers and their relationship with your business. Go for posting as often as you can, and engage with your customer here in addition to other channels once you feel that you’ve mastered your Facebook Page!

If you are a business to business (or B2B) business, this may not be the best channel for you to post all of your content. Do your client-business contacts use Facebook for their posting related to your business, for their conversations around services like yours? If not, Facebook pages may fall into the category of what I call “reference pages” rather than “engagement pages”. (See more on this in my post here.)

Where Are Your Clients Ready to Hear Your Message?

For some businesses, you may find that your ideal client is on Facebook often. This is often the case with business coaches who work with online businesses, as well as business coaches who work with those who run B2C businesses (life coaches, health coaches, fitness coaches, among others).

Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Without An Online Store

If you are a brick-and-mortar business without an online store, you may wonder if a Facebook Page is worth your effort to keep. I’ve heard this from a number of local stores and the biggest reason I give them to maintain their page is this: your customers (or clients) will use your page as a reference to learn more about you and your business. Mobile engagement on Facebook has sky-rocketed over the last few years, often with people searching for businesses “nearby” their location.

So, why not capitalize on their Facebook search with a fabulous page ready to showcase your business? Post every week or two to show that your business listens to customers, is up on the latest industry news, and that your business is credible in your area. You’ve lucked out in that you don’t need to sink a lot of time into your page to show that you can connect with your audience!