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When to Update Your Services Page

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Your website is where you post most of your services along with so much more to help others get to know you. In this post, we’ll tackle what I share with clients about when to update their services page.

First, let’s take it back to how businesses and their websites tend to grow apart.

When you’ve first launched your business, you likely had a website or started one soon after. As that business evolves to add new services or newly customized pieces of each service, you’ll also get to know your ideal clients better and better. Did you update your website as you added details to your offerings? Often this task falls to the end of that ongoing to-do list we entrepreneurs have and ends up never getting done.

So, if your business sounds like it has evolved past your online offerings then this blog post is for you and your out-of-date services page. Here’s my list of instances that are the perfect time to update the copy and/or services offered on your service page from small to large changes:

  • Your ideal clients consistently articulate the same idea, words, or phrases to you about what they want or need AND that’s different from what you currently have on your site
  • You realize that adding one or two additional pieces to your package of services would give your ideal clients a better set of services from you
  • You’re ready to add a new introductory package to your services offered
  • You’re ready to add a new high-level package to your services offered

Stuck on how to keep up with all of the changes? Keep a running document of ideas, words, or phrases that you’ll use when you have time to update your site. Your document can be as simple as a pad of paper and pen or as high-tech as a note-taking app, neither is better than the other. Once you have the time to do it or enough updates that you need to make time to do it, pull out the document and get down to work!

Want to learn more about how to update your site? Check out this post where I crack open what a web designer sees on a site with notes on how you can update yours:

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