Would you say that you are a LinkedIn power user? This medium tends to be one which people frequent far less than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

LinkedIn Profiles

Profiles on LinkedIn should be updated as often as you update your resume. You do update your resume often, don’t you? If not, consider updating it when you have a change to any of the following:

  • Your job
  • Your title at your job
  • New responsibilities at your job
  • Accolades at your job
  • Accolades in your industry
  • Accolades….period. Anything that you’ve accomplished. 🙂
  • New volunteer positions
  • Accomplishments outside of your career that may relate (if you are a realtor and you’ve won awards for your show dogs, this is an interesting fact to share)

LinkedIn Network Updates

Any updates that you make to your profile will go into the news feed for those in your network. However, since LinkedIn users typically do not frequent LinkedIn as often as other social media. You’ll see others commenting or liking your updates over a few days rather than hours.

So, why update LinkedIn at all? 

You’d be surprised by the reasons that some people use LinkedIn. Yes, we often like to know who has changed companies or receive a promotion. Some people use LinkedIn to scout new talent for their company, so you never know who may stumble upon your profile.

Keep your profile current if you have any interest in changing jobs, or if you freelance. 

Whether you plan to change jobs with your present employer or you are on the hunt for a new job, keeping your profile current allows others to find you. You never know when you’ll pop up on the LinkedIn homepage!