Do you have expert knowledge? Of course, you do! Are you on Twitter? Well, if you aren’t then please join!

Yes, Twitter isn’t the newest social media channel but it is an effective one. It still ranks as one of my favorites because it does not rank posts according to an (unshared) algorithm as opposed to other social media which share content based on what the medium believes is the most important content.

Let’s take a look at how bringing your blog posts to Twitter can help drive traffic to your site.

You probably started your blog for a few reasons and at the top of that list may be to drive traffic to your site, in order to convert that traffic into sales.

How are you tracking the traffic to your site? If you are new to site tracking, I suggest starting with Google Analytics. Once you are ready to track your traffic, you can move on to driving more traffic to your site.

Creating a campaign around a blog post is a simple way to reach out with social media in order to bring your audience back to your site. Here are a few examples of how this can give your blog a boost:

  • Pull facts or snippets from your blog post and share them on your chosen social media channel in a sequence.
  • Create bullets from your blog post, use the points to create images that you can share on social media in a sequence.
  • Create a series of photos illustrating the points in your blog and share on social media in a sequence.
  • Ask questions on social media that could be answered by the content on your blog, share on social media in a sequence.

See a pattern here? Yes, you’ll need to create a consistent set of content to share with your audience on your chosen social media channel.

Twitter is a happy medium for a campaign in that a successful channel will need to share content of value to your audience, and do it regularly. Ideally, share some sort of tweet five times per day.  

How can an entrepreneur tweet five times per day?

Valid question. Here’s the deal: schedule it. 

Take the time to set up a third-party software for your account and schedule when you’d like your tweets posted. You’ll be able to draft them up, schedule them for delivery, and use the analytics included in the software to follow-up on your tweets! Many are free to set up an account and schedule posts for a day or two, often up to 10 posts. A number of sites offer this, so find one that works for you and your budget.

The best part? You’ll still get notifications from Twitter when someone replies, likes or retweets you. Be sure to set up the notifications on your smart phone or for delivery to your email. (Look in your account settings.)

Mastering Twitter takes time, planning, interaction and observation. Once you’ve spent some time there, you’ll start to see what’s working for others in your industry. Then take what they’re doing and improve on it!

What’re your thoughts on Twitter for business? I’d love to hear them! Send me an email to or catch up with me on Facebook.