Offering a package of services can help your clients move forward faster, whether it is a self-guided course, a group course, another new way of packaging your services. It can be so exciting to get this ready to share with the world until that moment when you need to give it a name…

And that’s when it hits you that this isn’t as easy as you’d imagined. How do you give it a name that will feel right to you, appropriate the content, and appealing to your ideal clients? 

Some people know the name from the start. Others of us need to find inspiration before we’re able to give out a name (I include myself in this list). 

If you’re the type who needs to feel inspired before they can decide, this post is for you. I’ll share strategies on how to find that inspiration and how to know when you’ve hit the right name. 


The Name Game 

Here are my top strategies to find a new for your next course/program/package, in no particular order: 

  1. Choose words that your ideal clients use to say what they want for a result. So, if you work with stressed stay-at-home mothers who consistently say they want to find a way to go with the flow, then Go With the Flow it is! 
  2. Choose words that you use to describe what you do to others. So, if you’re a real estate agent who rising business people find their first home, then Home Finders may suit your work with them. 
  3. Choose from your most commonly used words in your copy or on your site. If you’re that same real estate agent, you may find that you’re consistently using “search” and “professional” more than “finding” and “business”. 

For this last option, here’s one of my favorite ways to discover the most commonly used words in copy: use a word cloud site to analyze your copy. I like for this because you can point it to a specific web page or upload a document for analysis. You can also customize the word cloud to meet your preferred cloud shape, font, and font-weight, among other options. 


What’s in a Name? 

Whether you go with one of the three options above or choose another method of naming your package, course, or program, you’ll want to be sure that you feel confident in your choice and it suits your business. 

How will you know if you’ve nailed it? 

  1. You can feel that it is right in your gut. It’ll feel like you’ve come home or found the right partner: it’ll feel “just right”. 
  2. You’ll share it with others and they’ll have a quick positive reaction to it rather than asking lots of clarifying questions. 
  3. Most importantly: you’ll be excited to share it with the world.

The name of your program, course, or package can feel authentic to you, show what your clients will achieve, and appeal to your ideal clients. You can get all of this into one title using the strategies I’ve shared here. 

I’d love to hear how this helps you in your business! Share the new name of your program, course, or package with me at so I can cheer you on.