What do they want to hear about? This question can seem tough, since you’ll need to pay attention to what truly grabs your prospective clients. Is it the awesome benefits of working with you? How about what makes you better than your competitors? Your patented systems? All of the above? Possibly…or, it could be as simple as how awesome you are at getting them awesome results.

Let’s take a different approach to what your ideal clients would like to hear…

Consider what makes you decide to go with hiring someone for a service. Are you looking for the specific method they use to coach you? For someone who can be better than their competitors at what they do? Or do you just want someone who gives YOU the results that you need to move your business to the next level?

Show them the results that they’re after and let your work sell itself!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of coach or consultant who gives your clients results that they love…results that inspire them to recommend you to their peers. And why not? You’ve helped them advance their businesses!

Show what you’ve been able to do with clients. Show your prospects that you can give them the results that they want! Simple, straight-forward posts to your social media targeting the results that your clients want is how you’ll “hook” them. No fancy jargon or flashy graphics necessary (but if incredible graphics are what you do, then by all means show that off!).

Here’s my top ways to show your prospects what you do to help clients:

  • Blog posts with anecdotes from your recent work. This’ll show them real-life examples of how you’ve helped someone – bonus points if this story shows a great “before” and “after” example!
  • Photos of that before and after example – if your work allows for a dramatic difference in how a person appears to others, definitely take advantage of using photography to show the results!
  • Infographics rock! Yep, if you’ve followed my work with others you’ll see that I will use graphics to illustrate points. If you provide a service, this can be great! Some ideas on what pulls together well in an infographic:
  • Best tips for your prospective clients to get started (before working with you).
    • How to step-by-step tutorials.
    • Results your awesome clients get from working with you.
    • What your prospects need to know to choose (someone in your industry).
    • The anatomy of how to create (whatever you help clients do).

Once you’ve created the above items, get them out to social media so you can bring people back to your site (where they’ll get to know more about you).

Bring them in from social media.

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What are your thoughts on how to best connect with your prospects? What has worked well for you? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below or send me an email at kristina@truebluemarketing.co (and I’ll personally respond).

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