You may have seen the photo that’s been posted on social media of a fallen tree that continued to bloom. Did it seem similar to your journey as an entrepreneur?

I noticed this tree on my run yesterday and it impressed me much more than the one that I’ve seen shared on Facebook again and again.

Fallen Apple Tree, Persistent

This tree had fallen a while ago and its roots are now above the ground. Notice that it is not upright but instead laying on its side and that it is still producing apples.

So, why share this image with you?

This tree could have given up as well, could have stopped growing apples, could have died without roots firmly in the ground. Over the last year with higher than normal winds, we’ve seen many trees uprooted and dead in our town.

This tree wasn’t going to accept defeat.

It found a way to set down new roots, to thrive in a non-traditional way (sideways), and to continue to grow apples.

I couldn’t help but feel that this tree has shown the same persistence that we all need for our entrepreneurship journey. You’ve likely had a moment or two when you could have given up, could have walked away from your business, but you didn’t.

You’re pushing yourself to continue doing what you do so well, in spite of the obstacles that come your way (just like this apple tree!).

You’re also building your business partially or completely online. Keeping your site up to date can be a challenge and finding ways to do it yourself can be time-consuming.

Your website needs to be easy to navigate with any device, to show your prospects what you do in a way that keeps their interest and that helps them feel connected to you. Phew!

Website updates can become another obstacle to creating the business that you want but just like that apple tree, you can overcome this obstacle with some out-of-the-box thinking.

Start with sorting your task into the following categories: 

  • How can you update your site with your current technical skills? 
  • What skills do you need to learn in order to do the more detailed updates that you’ll need for your site in the future? 
  • What will you need to set aside for a web design expert?

You may find that you can make many of the necessary updates using the skills you already have (good for you!). Once you’ve found enough tasks for the other two categories, begin the search for resources you can use to learn new skills or to find someone you can trust to do the updates for you. 

What have you had to learn in order to update your site? I’d love to hear about your accomplishments! Comment below, catch up with me on Facebook or Instagram, or email at I’ll personally respond.