In a previous blog post, I’ve shared how I explain the marketing feedback loop of social media, blogs, and website updates. In this post, I’ll share how to take this loop and make it work for you. If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest checking it out before reading this post. 

One of the most important tools in this feedback loop is a website analytics tool. Squarespace has it’s own built into the standard web tools. WordPress sites tend to have a basic analytics tool that comes standard in the plugin JetPack. If you’re using another website building service, check around for whether it has an analytics tool built into its offerings. 

Why Pay Attention to the THIS Loop? 

If you’re evolving your business to suit the needs of your specific clients, you’ll want to use every tool that you can to listen to them for what they need and what they say they want. Build your services and your business around them and you’ll have consistently good results. What your list responds to will show you what’s of interest to them and what’s not. 

Blogging and Sending a Newsletter Is Worth Your Time

Any small business owner with an online presence will need to keep putting out content at a pace that suits their particular business. Your prospects will want to know you, like you, and trust you BEFORE they consider your services. Once you can build trust with them, they’ll be much closer to being ready for a qualified sales conversation. 

You may wonder how to find the frequency of blogging, sending a newsletter, and social media posting that fits your business. Here’s how I break it down for my clients based on how often they send a newsletter to their email list: 

  • Newsletter once per month: plan to blog once or twice per month and post once or twice per week on your social media
  • Newsletter twice per month: plan to blog twice per month and post twice per week on your social media
  • Newsletter weekly: plan to blog weekly and post to social media three or four times per week

Once you’ve been blogging for a few months, sending snippets of your blog to your email list, and posting regularly to social media, you’ll start to see some traffic that shows you what topics are of interest to your prospects. 

Making It Work For Your Business

Here’s where you’ll want to start using your analytics tool to see what’s of interest to your prospects. Any blog post that gets consistent clicks and site visits are related to a topic that you’ll want to explore more with your next blog posts, your social media posts, and your website updates. 

Whatever your social media posts are getting comments, likes, and shares: pay attention to what your comments are about, the questions that you’re getting asked, and to the topic that they’re commenting on. Create more blog posts and social media posts around the topics that come up for your list. Then continue to evaluate what’s trending on your website. 

Once you’ve noticed that your prospects are consistently visiting your site for various topics, look at explaining your expertise more on this topic in your about page. If you find that you’re ready to offer services around this topic, create a small offer for your work with me page that solves the problems around it. Then, update your home page to reflect this new service. 

I’d love to hear what’s trending your site! Comment below with what you find after spending a little time in your site’s analytics tool.