You’ve just created a stupendous blog post; it is well-written, addresses hot topics in your industry, even speaks to your ideal client in a very appealing way. Now, how do you share it with the world?

Do you add a link to your Twitter profile with a few characters to summarize this long (yet very interesting) post? Do you create five paragraphs to describe it in your Facebook page’s next post, and hope your audience will see it in their news feeds? Or, do you take another route to sharing your inspiring post with your audience?

Let’s talk about that other route…

Here are a few ideas on how to get your message out to a greater audience, and to drive them back to your original post to learn more.

First, take the time to go over your blog post to find the main points. Ten points? Five? Twenty? Pull from your post rather than try to find what you think is the “right” number of points.

Then, select your medium to use to share the points. Do you enjoy creating images? Showing your points in photos? Recording yourself speaking (and editing that recording)? Explaining yourself in a video, live or pre-recorded? Find two that work the best for you.

If you enjoy working with images:

  • Make images that you can post in a Twitter campaign. Break down each point onto a slide and post it as a sequence for your audience. And of course, use hashtags that fit your topic and industry.
  • Use a set of photos to show your points with captions to illustrate your point and hashtags that work for your topic, industry, and channel (Twitter vs. Instagram for instance). This can fit nicely for a photographer, as you may imagine, but it also works well for those who sell products that can photograph well. Don’t despair if you are a service-based industry, if you are comfortable with being photographed then use this as well!
  • Create an infographic! They’re an ideal way to share more content than a simple graphic that you share on social media, are easy to share as a PDF, and can show your audience that you truly know your stuff.

If you’re all for recording yourself:

  • Start a podcast! Yes, this can be a challenge to maintain but if this is where your comfort lies then explore it. If you find that you do not have the content to create a regular podcast, save the recordings to use in future. (More posts on this idea, soon!)
  • Do a live broadcast of yourself! Facebook Live is trending so well right now that you could easily gain audience members from people who happen to see that you are live, regardless of whether they’ve liked your page.

Revisit Your Past Posts

Once you’ve created all of this around your post, be sure to take the time to circle back to it with an update. Wait a few months or a year, then create a new post with additional info that you can share with your readers. Keep your original post up and link to it in your new post.

What do you do to promote your blog? I’d love to hear what has worked for you! Please comment below or email me at I’ll personally respond. 🙂 Feeling more social? Me too! Let’s talk on Facebook.