Sounds sensational, doesn’t it? An increase of over 4,000% in Twitter impressions?

Not sensational really, just using a few tips to increase the reach of tweets. Combine relevant hashtags with a few timely tweets, and keep at it daily…by using this strategy the Twitter account that I managed hit an increase of 4,109.4% over the previous 28 days and an increase in profile visits of 3,766.7%.

Here’s how I do it:

Use Hashtags Strategically

Do your Tweets look closer to this:

We’re having #fun here at the office! Here’s our #team and where the #magic happens!

Or to this:

#Weredifferent from other #ITsupport. Our #helpdesk responds to your call, every time. Why are you #stillonhold with IT?

Yes, hashtags are a quick way to move your message in front of a greater audience. And yes, Twitter is flooded with hashtags. How do you pick the right hashtag to use and when?

Research Your Hashtags, Analyze, Then Repeat

  1. Review the profiles of your competitors to catalog their frequently used hashtags that have retweets or likes. The tweets which don’t have either retweets or likes, ignore.
  2. Search the hashtags included in the tweet in the Search bar of your Twitter account. Do not click on them in the tweet of your competitor – this will only help their Twitter Analytics. 🙂
  3. Find the hashtags that are used frequently, recently, and by those in your industry or by your ideal client. Catalog those in a spreadsheet of all the hashtags you’ll be using – this is where you’ll find the hashtag gold! 
  4. Add to the spreadsheet the hashtags used by others in your industry. If the hashtag is popular with an audience outside of your ideal client, it is of no use to you in your marketing. So, just because #team is a popular hashtag that does not mean that including it will help your tweet reach your ideal client. Find something specific to your industry that your ideal client would search for like what your service or product does to help your clients.
  5. Combine no more than four hashtags in your tweet. Use them in the message or to emphasize your message. (See examples below.)
  6. Update your spreadsheet with the hashtags that get responses for your tweets. This list will evolve, so tracking is important. However, tracking doesn’t need to take a lot of time.

Hashtag in Content Formulas

Here are a few examples of how to integrate your newly researched hashtags into your message.

Example Tweet #1: 

Hey, #Entrepreneur, what was your biggest #successes for this week? #makeyourownlane #mybiz

Formula #1: 

(Greeting), (#hashtag noun for your ideal client), (question with one hashtag)? (hashtag) (hashtag)How committed are you to #investing? Take our quiz before you commit. #bigday #walkdowntheaisle


Example Tweet #2: 

How committed are you to #investing? Take our quiz before you commit. #bigday #walkdowntheaisle

Formula #2:

(Question with one hashtag)? (Call to action). (hashtag) (hashtag)


Example Tweet #3: 

#tuesdaythought A good laugh and a good sleep are not only #goodforthebody but also #goodforthesoul.

Formula #3: 

(Hashtag of the day) (quote, saying, something inspirational or motivational + {hashtag} + {hashtag})


Mix and match what works for you! The best use of your 140 characters to share your message, offer, or Call to Action (CTA) is the goal.

There are so many combinations on how to make Twitter work for your business! What it all comes down to is finding the combinations that work for your audience and using them to create (then continue) conversations to build that know-like-trust factor that’ll in turn build your business.

Have you found innovative strategies to engage your ideal clients on Twitter? I’d love to hear what works for you! Catch up with me on Facebook or by email at I personally respond to every email. 🙂