This tool is the most important one you’ll need for your business, to write copy for your site, on your blog, and in your social media. It’ll allow you to show your ideal clients that you truly understand them, and it’ll connect with them better than any of the technical wording you learned when you started honing your craft.

It is free, and it takes practice. It is listening to your ideal clients.

Now, this may not sound new to you. It is what you do with this info that makes the difference. I’ll outline how you can use your best listening to create the copy necessary to connect with your ideal clients.


Listen and Take Notes

It all starts here, so I’ll outline how to get the info from your ideal clients. When you’re talking with them, take note of how they say what they need from you and what they want from working with someone like you. It is easy here to paraphrase what they’re saying into what you’d use for words. Don’t do it.

Instead, either record your conversations or let them know that you’re taking notes while they’re talking so you can be sure you get the specifics on what they’re saying. If you miss a word, repeat it back to your client so they can fill in the missing word. Every word counts when they’re explaining what they need and what they want from working with someone like you.


Keep The Notes

Open a document on your computer and keep notes in there that are related to what your clients are saying, use it after every first-time meeting. You’ll start to see the same words coming up over and over. Your copy gems will be in this document!

The words that they use over and over, from client to client, are the ones that will become the foundation of your content.


Gems = Content Ideas

The next time you’re stuck on what to write for your blog or what to post to your social media channels, go to your doc for ideas so you can get to writing. Here are a few examples of how to use the gems to create content:

  • Write a blog post that outlines a quick solution that gets your ideal clients moving toward that goal. (No need to give away the whole process, just get them started.)
  • Create a post that addresses how you’ve helped someone get to the goal they wanted and that many of your ideal clients want as well. Using a testimonial helps people imagine themselves with that same result.
  • Update your offers to address the consistent needs and goals of your ideal clients, using the exact words that they do to describe what they want.

Starting this process with your next prospect meeting and see how it helps you hone in on what content to create, so it connects with your ideal clients. I’d love to hear how it goes for you! Comment below, email me at or find me online on Instagram or Facebook.